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I love attending festivals to create high-quality images that can be shared with attendees and to help to promote these to a wider audience for future events. I offer a fast turn-around time for event organisers, so they can quickly receive and use my photos. Festival Photography is a great way to capture the excitement and energy of an event, and I would love to help promote your festival through professional photos!

Over the past few years, I've been to various events including the Kelvedon Community Festival, The Nearly Festival Colchester, and more recently the Anti Loo Roll Festival in Castle Park, taking over 8,000 photos are sharing the best ones the next day, all fully edited. 

If you're an organiser of an event and you’re yet to book your festival photographer - I’ll be happy to have a chat about I can help you and provide you not only with photos for the attendees but also photos that can be used to promote the event in the future.  

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